X-08 Sensor Flex – Illuminance Meter



Sensor for illumination of internal and external environments, the X-08 probe has a tilt sensor to aid parallel positioning to the light source, which can vary between natural and artificial sources. Using *FLEX, the type of light source can be selected from the following options: solar, incandescent, fluorescent, LED, optical fiber, discharge, halogen and neon. With instant readings they display the minimum, average and maximum values in addition to generating the report and graphs of the evaluations. Light and with an ergonomic design, this equipment meets the requirements of the evaluation methods.

*Flex is supplied separately.
OBS.: It’s necessary to purchase the Flex to use it in conjunction with the probe.

Technical Information

Range: 0 to 100.000 lux

Operation temperature: 0 a 65 °C

Operation humidity: up to 95%

4 readings per second

Operation range: 400 nm to 700 nm

Selection of light source (solar, incandescent, fluorescent, LED, optical fiber, discharge, halogen and neon)

Displays the probe tilt angle

Low power consumption 

RJ 09 connector

Dimensions: 20 x 47 x 81 mm

Weight: 37 g


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